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Renewal Patient Form

Check your card’s expiration date; if your card expires in the next 120 days; or has expired; you can begin the process of renewing your Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card, please click to fill out the form below.

Online Instructions

Once you've completed the Renewal Patient Form, the following items need to be received by our office either by email or fax:

Email: alternativesolutionsplus@gmail.com  ------ Fax: (231) 344-5915

What needs to be received:

  • Clear and Legible Copy of your Michigan Driver's License or Michigan ID

  • Clear and Legible Copy of your Michigan MMJ Registry ID Card

  • Your file should have the most up to date medical records and updates that show your qualifying condition continues; if it doesn't please forward them to our offices by

email: alternativesolutionsplus@gmail.com  

fax: (231) 344-5915

  • The fee to start the renewal application for another 2 year card is only $150*

  • We accept all major credit cards; 5% service charge will apply

*The fee for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card is $150.00 includes the review, evaluation, and the doctor’s recommendation for the program; then once the doctor has recommended you for the program we will offer free assistance in helping you fill out all the forms for the State of Michigan; along with providing you all the necessary paperwork for concise and accurate mailing.  The MMJ card is good for 2 years and during that 2 year period we recommend and offer FREE FOLLOW UPS