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Who We Are

Michigan’s Recognized Premier MMMJ Certification Clinic since 2010.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was made effective in December 2008, making Michigan the 13th state to allow for the legal use of medical marijuana.  Since 1996, voters in twenty-eight states plus Washington D.C. do not penalize for the medical use and cultivation of marijuana.  


Alternative Solutions Plus is also proud in helping qualified patients move toward getting their “LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA CERTIFICATION.”

Alternative Solutions Plus, medical marijuana certification helps patients with qualifying conditions move toward obtaining their Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry ID card.  

We hold local patient certification clinics throughout Michigan; visiting numerous cities every month; visit our calendar for a full list of the cities we visit and our clinic schedule.

Alternative Solutions Plus helps those who have chosen to walk down the path of obtaining their Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card. The card that will allow you to legally use, consume, purchase, and even grow medical marijuana. 

We visit the following regions of Michigan; Upper Peninsula, Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, and Mideast regions. Be sure to ask us when will be in a city close to you. 

The fee for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card is ONLY $150.00 which includes the review, evaluation and the doctor’s recommendation for the program; then once the doctor has recommended you for the program we will offer free assistance in helping you fill out all the forms for the State of Michigan; along with providing you all the necessary paperwork for concise and accurate mailing.  

The MMJ card is good for 2 years and during that 2 year period we recommend and offer FREE FOLLOW UPS


If we assisted you in getting you your Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID; please don’t forget to send us your updates for your file. Update Form

Check your card’s expiration date; if your card expires in the next 120 days; or has expired; you can begin the process of renewing your Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Registry ID card by filling out the Renewal Patient Form or by contacting our offices. We will send you all the necessary paperwork so you can begin the process of renewing your card. 


Medical records are now required on all charts and all files must have updated or supportive medical documentation that shows the diagnosis continues. If you have any questions or concerns about your medical documentation, please don't hesitate to Contact Us


Keep your file with us up to date by periodically sending us your updates; you can fax it to (231) 344-5915; you can email it to; or you can mail it to us at: PO BOX 528, Petoskey, MI 49770.  



With much appreciation and gratitude from all of us at Alternative Solutions Plus, Inc. we genuinely say; thank you and wish you continued relief with your alternative choice.
— Alternative Solutions Plus